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Serpent Eyes, aka T.J. Hannon, is a newcomer to the EDM and dubstep scene with heavy roots in Hip Hop and Prog Metal. Moving out to Bay Area, California to live with friends in early 2014 he was introduced to the world of EDM where although timid to the music at first, after his first rave he instantly fell in love with the culture of the music. His roommate Nick Godwin moved into the house during 2015 who happened to be a DJ and after watching him perform almost every other night 3 Eyes wanted to try DJ'ing for himself. Starting with only hip hop in mid 2016 he moved on to Dubstep after having to move back home to Alabama (his home state) in the beginning of 2017. He has since been practicing and improving his skills as an EDM DJ for the latter half year and some. Now coming up on a year of spinning he feels ready to take on the world and anything that it throws at him.    
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