Dj Lyghtnyng career began in the year of 1998 but not as a Disc Jockey, he began as one part of a rap duo known as K.d.B. (Kennesaw Dank Boyz) under self created label Mastah Myndz Entertainment. During the years of 1998 - 2001 they did many shows and opened up for many acts from the likes of T.I., Ludacris, Pastor Troy & D.S.G.B., Baby D & Oomp Camp Records. By the year of 2003 he had switched over to producing and managing other artist up until 2006 when he left the music scene to begin a family. Now re-established in the year of 2014 he has switched again to the likes of DJ'ing. Now he currently is beginning a new path as a DJ in the music industry with a no limits additude. Please continue to follow and support his movement. Thanks and be Blessed !!!!! #SUPPORT
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