DJ NWDM,  aka (NewWorldDigitalMusic) officially started in 1998 as a producer. Inspired by the Duo Daft Punk and the early days of rave music from late 80's. Living thru the beggining of the EDM music scene, and the P.L.U.R. movment , NWDM passion for not only EDM music but all styles and forms of EDM became a huge part of his life. After attending my first rave in 1989 in an old abandoned building in Myrtl Beach SC, I was hooked. Production is my first love, but since 2008 I have developed my own style of freestyle mixing. I love mashing up songs and I am known for some of my more risky mixing n mashing up of songs all the way back to 1912 with the sound of today. I am also ol skool at heart mixing in gen x sounds from the 70s and 80s with todays music!! I owe a huge debt to my wife of 20 years DJ Red-n-Crazy who has been a huge part of my music career.
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