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DJ MaFu first learned the art of beat-mixing in the early 1990's. He started with vinyl records before moving into compact discs and now uses mp3's as the preferred medium. With experience at 2 radio stations as a DJ, and having been a music director and programming director it's no surprise how many different genres of music MaFu can handle. As a radio DJ, he has run specific genre shows such as beat-mixed, rock, top 40, country and open. As a mobile DJ, first with Tunes Are Us, then M&M Productions until starting his own company Jammin Tunes, MaFu has worked dances (middle and high school), parties (private, fraternity/sorority, graduation), wedding receptions, sorority formals, Navy Ball, proms, and the Relay 4 Life. As an internet DJ, he has streamed live beat-mixed shows for Club Frequency in the early 2000's and a co-host/DJ for Mixology 101, previously on and Youtube and later with it's own website.