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Weekend Grooves - The man behind the legend Weekend Grooves (aka Weekend Shmooze, DJ Rosey) possesses a musical intellect shrouded in mystery and intrigue. He has scaled the heights of fame and notoriety with the incredible skill of attracting neither fame nor notoriety. Born in Scotland to the sound of howling wolves, Grooves began his musical journey aged 1 by banging on cooking pots at a remarkably consistent 128bpm. He recorded his first single “bla bla ahhhaaa” on tape aged 2 (a track on which he also played the “pot”), from there the stage was set. Following a gradual but consistent deterioration in mental awareness Grooves began his contribution to the disintegration of society by sharing his musical vision in such venues as Archaos, The Tunnel and The Arches in Glasgow. Whilst not actually Djing at any of these venues, he successfully spread the message that he’d “like to get on the roster” After a brief stint on the Emerald isle (which due to legal reasons can’t be discussed) Weekend Grooves moved to Australia with a singular and “unique to the industry” vision of “play good music, not crap music”. This principal lead him to play regular gigs at venues such as The World Bar, The Burdekin, The Wolfe Bar at Home Sydney to name a few. Weekend Grooves is ALL about the music in the regard he will play whichever musical style is in vogue this week, and is a renowned dance floor crowd pleaser, “..its easy play what people want when there are only three of them…” Grooves now shares his loving musical gravy to all via regular shows on the Chew.tv and FB live platforms. To put in bluntly, musical genius has never been so accessible.